How to Earn an Extra $1000 Per Month With NO Experience ?

Being a head of a family I can assure you that there are so many extra expenses and as you grow your requirements and desire increases for which your job or one source of income cannot always keep paying for but what if I tell you there is actually a very clever way you can earn money even if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE?

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Without skills and with zero dollars you can for all intents and purposes reach 500–1000 dollars, all intents and purposes are not affiliated with marketing, drop shipping, e-commerce, or selling courses, its simply following these five steps mentioned here and a positive mindset which can help you kind of earn at least 500 dollars a month.

Step no 1: install a plugin called Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a free and open-source Word Press e-commerce plugin and is intended for small to medium-sized online shops that use Word Press. Launched on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly gained popularity due to its ease of installation and customization, as well as the underlying product’s market position as freeware.

If you already have a site and want to install WooCommerce, using the WordPress Admin is the easiest choice because it handles everything for you.

To set up WooCommerce, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.

2. Search “WooCommerce.”

3. Click on Install Now.

4. Click on Activate Now and WooCommerce will open

Step no 2: Add a product or service to Woo-Commerce:

1. You can add a product or service to Woo Commerce through which you can earn, if we are not providing a physical product or service, you will have to write your service or product name to the product name box, for instance, video advertising

2. Write details about your product or service that you are providing in the description box and then select the virtual checkbox

3. Determine a regular and sale price for instance let’s say 79 $ regular price and 59$ sale price

4. Now go to “product image” in the sidebar and upload an image representing your service for clients to attract, The easiest approach to generate this image is to use Canva, which has a variety of tools and creative capabilities to work with, publish your image and now you are selling the service

Now you must be wondering how am I supposed to provide service when I have no skills or experience to do so, you must not worry since we have got an answer for this below, keep reading it will get clearer

Step no 3: Add a payment method:

When a client buys your product, in order to receive payment you will require to set a payment method. For selecting a payment method go to setting>payments and add a payment method suitable for you.

In the case given payment methods aren’t supported in your country you do not have to worry, simply go to the Extension Store for Woo Commerce where you will find 79 extensions for payment, and select a suitable payment method supported by your country.

Step no 4: Drop service:

Now coming to the real question here, how are you supposed to provide service without skills and experience, the answer is DROP SERVICE. Drop servicing is a business strategy in which you sell services that you do not provide yourself. Instead, you assign the task to a freelancer or an agency that completes a project while you are only responsible for selling the service to a client. You can also hire an employee or work with an acquaintance and divide the revenue.

Build ecommerce websites with no web design experience or expensive software!

Step no 5: Get Clients

Even if you know skills and have an amazing portfolio but if there is no client there is no earning therefore promotion is the most crucial aspect. There are two ways how you could attract traffic:

1. Free traffic method: it is time-consuming and you will have to wait weeks or even months to get the first client

2. Paid method: you can pay for Google ads and sites that can drive traffic to your site. it is a rapid way.

Hoping this article proves to be beneficial to you, keeping in mind in order to start something one must be dedicated and have a positive mindset of not giving up even if the process is time-consuming



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Sohaib Khalid

I am a passionate Canva designer, instructor and canva contributor. With my years of experience, I teach people how to design in canva and make money online.